Back from summer vacation

On the other hand, back from blogging vacation.

I have been a bit busy since I came back home from my 10 days’ vacation in the southern part of Norway. I had to finish some projects that I had to leave half done, and start new projects and get some orders done, before the summer ends.

Before I went on vacation, I prepared some blog posts, which means it will be weekly posts again and I am back on track, for now.

I still have some work to finish because I am preparing for a few days with sewing course, which I am going to be a course teacher on, in September.

I am not going to tell you about my trip, but I am showing you this little collage of those wonderful dresses from Oslo National museum. Those were the dresses of Queen Maud in early 1900s.

I went to that museum on my birthday and it was inspirational!

There were also a few other dress designs in this museum, maybe you recognize them?

I also went on a Rammstein concert the same day, yes a bit special combination, but an awesome one!

Next post will be about my vacation shopping, were I will show you all those beautiful fabrics that I bought in Oslo.


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