Off-shoulder dress with flounces

This was just an experimental dress that I made by mixing Ellie & Mac patterns and what I have learned from many other patterns I have used for a few years now..

I think this was a creative way to try “designing” a hack or pattern pieces for other patterns.

I have been sketching a few dresses with a similar look as this dress, but this was just a test dress (that my mom of course loved so much that she had to buy it) to see how the sleeves would look on an off-shoulder dress. The fabric on the dress is cotton jersey and the pattern is “Favorite sweater” from Ellie & Mac. Since it is a sweater pattern, the dress became a bit baggy for the look that I really wanted, it was supposed to be more slim fit.

However, the dress does look nice for first try and it was fun to “hack” the sleeves on this pattern to make it different.


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