The waterfall cardigan


Here is my waterfall cardigan from burda easy VS/2018!

I am very pleased with this cardigan. It was very easy to make and also fun. The fabric is cotton jersey, that I bought from Abby’s tekstiler. The quality is very good and I would recommend to buy from this shop if you live in Norway!


The cardigan is very easy to just put on, looks great for work/school, and is definitely one of my favorite garments that I have sewn for myself. I like to wear a decorative belt with cardigans like this, because I think it compliments my body shape.

The necklace I am wearing is from a personal collection that I have made, the name of the collection is Laika. I will write more about it later and also post all the necklaces(well almost everthing from this collection) in my collection on my blog this fall.




14 thoughts on “The waterfall cardigan

  1. nice piece! It looks like you did a great job. I like where the lines line up at the seams in the back, you got that so even. And the finish along the bottom of the cardigan is so pretty! Great color choice too 😀

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