Waiting for warmer days

I think something many of us Norwegians are waiting for is warmer days, and we are finally getting a taste of it.

This dress was made last summer, and I decided that I needed a simple but colorful summer dress. I barely have any summer clothes that I like to wear, so I have been working on sewing a few, but I always end up sewing them too late or I am not happy with the look of it, etc.

This dress pattern is from Wardrobe by me, Mirri wrap dress. I used viscose jersey for this dress. The fabric was resold on selfmade (stoff & stil) last year. First time I saw this fabric was in 2014-2016, and I was supposed to make a dress that time as well, but it never happened, so I made a simple top instead. Maybe you have seen the old post about it?

It was my favorite me-made top, but I suddenly grew out of it and became sad because I really liked the fabric. So I was glad when I found it again, it felt like I got a new chance to make my summer dress with this fabric. I bought so much of if that I ended up with making two dresses, one blouse and one night t-shirt.

I have not been able to use this dress much, so I am going to try wearing it more when the weather is better!


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